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They often tend to feel like they know what the other is thinking. They may like that she has a strong self-care routine and high self-esteem. Like most of us, when they see that their mom feels good about herself, they can't help but soak up some of that energy. Tauruses' moms can often get annoyed with their daughters' extremely chill attitudes, and when they do fight, their moms are usually begging them to be a little more proactive in life and less high.

Virgo is considered the hermit of the Zodiac. Usually, Virgos enjoy calm environments and staying in. Interestingly, however, when they're with their mothers they're far more willing to travel farther and see more of what the world has to offer.

DailyOM - Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships with Astrology by Maritha Pottenger & Zip Dobyns

They are the classic example of someone who comes alive when they are in their comfort zone and surrounded by familiarity, and when their mother is with them she does just that. Virgos' mothers are happiest when they're with their Virgo daughter—;they love to see the effects of the confidence that their presence brings. A Scorpio's mom is kind of weird, obviously, because Scorpios are weird. Their moms don't take shit and neither do they. As they say, the Capricorn doesn't fall far from her trailblazing mother.

However, the intensity of a Capricorn's mother can get to them. Caps like predictability and consistency, and if those aren't on their mom's agenda, they are not happy.

When they're getting a along, Caps and their moms have wild times together— it helps that their mothers rarely judge them too harshly. However, when they're unhappy with one another, a Cap's mom will have some biting words. Geminis love to talk, and luckily, their mom is usually happy to entertain them. After years of practice raising a Gemini, a Gemini's mother tends to develop strong listening skills. Similar to Caps' moms, Gemini moms are fairly non-judgemental. This tends to work in Geminis' favor, as they can get themselves into trouble with the gossipy stories they tell their moms.

Geminis aren't the most grounded sign, so their moms may often offer their daughters up some wisdom along the lines of, "Take a step back and calm down. It's important for Libras to have a mom they can not only talk with about being out in the world and killing it, but one who also speaks from experience. They want to see their mom making a name for themselves, and they are in full admiration and awe of their mothers' professional accomplishments.

Libra people try to be accommodating to everyone, so having a mother who puts accommodating herself first is the reminder they need to look out for themselves. Mothers of Aquarians have a lot of chill. They're "usually very sensual, very connected to themselves, very peaceful," says Gat. Essentially, neither is high strung, but Aquarians' mothers tend to care about things a little more than their daughters. Gat gives a nail salon analogy to describe their relationship: They both love to be pampered, she says, "but an Aquarius's mom is going to be like 'Oh my God, you painted your nails electric blue!

Like Libra and Taurus, a Cancer loves to see her mom taking care of herself and being bold in the world. Cancer can be very nostalgic, but their mom often helps to pull them out of their sad, dwelling slump and get them looking forward to the future. Gat says that "one of the stereotypes about Cancer is that they're super close to their mom, but that isn't always true. Their mother is usually extremely eccentric, which some Scorpios will pretend to be embarrassed about in public, but in private they love that quality of their mothers.

Their moms may not be ones to do things by the book, but luckily, neither are Scorpios. When together, the two can create a fun atmosphere where both can feel comfortable being their true wacky selves together. Though that's certain to draw some strange looks when they're in public, they don't really care. Not only is there meaningful interaction between the Nodes and the Houses, there are also multiple connections between the Nodes and the planets. Chaz's decision to change gender was painful Chiron and must have caused his mother despair and disillusionment Neptune , but from a karmic perspective, maybe the karmic push of his Aries NN was driving him to it.

Sun enters Scorpio

There is a close partnership between these two souls, who have many things in common astrologically. Cher had an unstable childhood and once spent time in an orphanage; Chaz lived much of his early life on the road with his mother, which is a gypsy-like lifestyle with no permanent home. The experience of an unsettled childhood is a bond that Cher and Chaz share. It is mitigated by Jupiter conjunctions, Cher's in the fourth and Chaz's in the tenth the houses that traditionally signify the parents.

There is an intricate and complex relationship going on between the Nodes, the houses and Jupiter. It is indicative of a deep and lasting partnership between these two souls that likely transcends the boundaries of time. Their relationship would weather its greatest storm when Chastity decided to become Chaz. Between and , Chastity decided to change her life by changing her gender, becoming Chaz Salvatore. This was probably as difficult for Cher to accept emotionally as it was for Chastity to permanently change her body.

What mother wouldn't be challenged and worried by such a drastic decision? Both mother and child would suffer Chiron from Chastity's decision, but Cher would once again defend and support her child, just like she did when Chastity "came out. It has been a roller-coaster ride for Cher and Chaz, and the ride is still in progress! All blessings and love to them! Now, there are two daughters competing for the Mother's attention. These types of situations can also occur intermittently between mothers and daughters at various times during their lives, i.

For example, one daughter takes her father's side, the other her mother's; the mother prefers one daughter at one developmental stage, and the other at a later stage. There are many possible combinations here. When there is more than one daughter, the Moon's Nodes become increasingly important as a diagnostic tool in analyzing the relationships.

Cher had only one daughter, but Janet and Judy both had two. What effect s do the Moon and her Nodes have on Judy's and Janet's relationships with the other daughter? An accomplished stage star for more than 30 years, she was only 16 when her mother died.

Relationship with Parents in Astrology (Sun, Moon) - माता पिता से केसा सबन्ध होगा

Only two years before, she had joined the family act in a month-long summer tour, which included her mother's final appearance at New York's Palace Theatre. In her June 27, interview with Larry King on CNN, she complemented the famous star as being a "very good mother" who was a victim herself with no real family or emotional support.

Fire is the element that symbolizes spirit and there was a strong spiritual and karmic bond between this mother and daughter. Judy's North Node in Libra falls in Lorna's sixth house, the same position as Liza's interestingly, both sisters have the same signs on their cardinal points. Just as Judy helped her first-born advance in her career, she would do the same thing for her younger daughter.

Judy's South Node in Aries in Lorna's twelfth house had a similar effect to that of Liza - both sisters would be haunted by their mother's ghost and would likely always feel that they walked in her shadow. Being the child of such a famous, talented and emotionally charged superstar must have been a daunting challenge. According to the respective Node dispositions, apparently Lorna adjusted to her mother's moods with greater ease than Liza.

Lorna's North Node in Aquarius falls in Judy's eighth house of death and the occult and is applying to her mother's Chiron in a sextile aspect. Lorna's laudable attempt to pay tribute to her mother's legacy fits right in with her North Node in Judy's eighth house. Perhaps Lorna feels driven to preserve her mother's memory because of a bond in a past life that drove her to satisfy a debt she felt that she owed. This would likely be happening on the subconscious level.

On a conscious level, Judy probably relied on Lorna's solid Capricorn Moon for emotional support remember, Judy had no Earth points in her horoscope. Lorna Luft is a Mercury Yod Bearer. Her Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius and applying to her mother's Sagittarius Moon. It is conjunct Judy's Mars and a source of pain as well as enlightenment for both. Lorna would openly speak her mind to her mother and be an important source of insight for Judy, the one person who would not be afraid to speak the truth to her.

After all, Lorna has insight like no other, and probably understood her mother better than anyone else. Cancer is the sign of home, family and the mother, and Lorna would have a special understanding of her mother. The story of the complex relationship between Judy Garland and her daughters is a psychological and astrological treasure that deserves its own article! Like Judy, Janet Leigh had a closer relationship with her second daughter than she did with the first, and it is spelled out in their stars.

Both Janet and Kelly have the Moon in Libra, but, interestingly, even though they share the same Moon and Node signs, their Nodes are opposite each other, and their Moons are far apart. Kelly's Moon at degrees Libra is much closer to her father's Moon at degrees Libra than it is to her mother's Moon at degrees Libra. People with Saturn in Scorpio are powerful forces in the world around them, and tend to easily dominate others. Kelly's Scorpio Saturn would have likely dominated, and even oppressed, her mother's Scorpio Ascendant and the relationship.

Leo likes being the center of attention, but only one person can stand in the spotlight at a time. Kelly appears to have been closer to her father than her mother. After her parents divorced in , Kelly chose to stay with her father, which alienated both her famous mother and her famous younger sister. Each daughter took sides, which happens so often in families.

Even though Kelly inherited her mother's Grand Trine, it is out-of-sign in air and water, and not strong enough to stand up to her mother's and younger sister's fire Grand Trines. She favored her double Yod Bearer father with her South Node conjunct his Sun which is also indicative of a karmic bond. Surely, it must have rankled Janet when Kelly went to live with her father. Perhaps at times, Janet felt like King Lear when he said, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!

Having more than one daughter would be a challenge to any mother, but what happens when the two daughters are twins?

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Ingrid Bergman is ranked as the fourth greatest American female in film history by the American Film Institute. Her ethereal beauty is symbolized by Venus conjunct the Sun in Virgo in the first house. Like her fellow Sun Virgo Swedish predecessor, Greta Garbo, Ingrid was very strong-willed, influenced by her most elevated planet, the Moon in Aries in the ninth house. The ninth house is the house of foreign travel, and Ingrid would spend several years in exile after she married Italian director, Roberto Rossellini in They had fallen in love while working on the film, Stromboli, despite the fact that both were married to other people.

Ingrid had a Stellium in Cancer, the sign of motherhood. It occurred in the eleventh house between three forbidding planets, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all of which are opposite the fifth house of children. Sadly, the birth of her first, and only, son would put a temporary end to her Hollywood movie career.

The birth of Robertino occurred days before Ingrid and Roberto were married. She became a social outcast eleventh house because she had a child fifth house out of wedlock empty seventh house ruled by Uranus. In 's America, the McCarthy Era , this was considered a social and moral outrage. Johnson for having had an extra-marital affair and a child out of wedlock in , an apology was entered into the Congressional Record by Senator Charles H.

Percy of Illinois. Born on June 18, in Rome, Italy, Isabella p. Isabella looks just like her mother. Also like her mother, she was married to an influential director, Martin Scorsese, and had a long-term relationship with another famous film director, David Lynch. Her sister, Isotta, chose a career in academia and wrote a book about the Italian poet and scholar, Petrarch.

Unlike Isabella, she is reputed to be very shy and avoids the limelight. Like most twins, they are close to each other, but there are many differences between them, including in their horoscopes.

Venus enters Scorpio

One would expect Isabella to be the shy one! Certainly, Ingrid's independent, headstrong Aries Moon must have eventually chafed at the restrictions of motherhood, especially after the birth of the twins. She must have had her hands full raising two gifted girls at the same time. Is it likely that Ingrid would have favored her outgoing, look-alike daughter, Isabella over the shy, intellectual Isotta? Ingrid's Aries Moon was in the same sign as Isotta's Nadir, and fell in Isotta's fourth house of mother and early childhood. Aries is a fire sign, ruled by Mars the warrior, and is not a nurturing sign.

Their Moons are side-by-side, with the mother's in Aries; and the daughters' in Taurus. Like Lorna Luft's Capricorn Moon provided a stable base for her mother's Sagittarius Moon, the twins did the same thing for their famous mother. Fixed Earth Taurus provides stability for Cardinal Fire Aries; earth supports fire it can also put out fire, which comes in handy when dealing with the tempestuous Aries temperament.

The twins' Moons are square the mother's Nodes, meaning at times they squared off emotionally, but at other times, they provided support and stability to each other. These three beautiful, talented and intelligent women were on the same wave length spiritually, complementing each other and the bringing joy to the world around them. Her father was a wealthy construction company owner and Olympic gold medal winner who did not approve of his daughter's choice of acting as a profession. Nevertheless, she got her way. Her big break came when director Stanley Kramer offered her a role as Gary Cooper's co-star in the classic film noir western, High Noon.

Next, director John Ford admired her patrician elegance and cast her opposite Clark Gable in Mogambo. The next director to fall under her spell was Alfred Hitchcock, who cast her in two cinema classics, Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. He was smitten, and they married in the Wedding of the Century on April 19, She is reputed to have worn her actual engagement ring from the Prince while completing her final Hollywood film, High Society, an American musical treasure with Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

The late Princess Grace of Monaco had a fascinating and forceful horoscope. There are some uncanny parallels in the lives and horoscopes of these two women, and a brief diversion is highly educational from an astrological standpoint.

Aries Mother

It is a fascinating exercise to compare the two lethal Yods of these two doomed Princesses, both of whom were devoted mothers. Interestingly, although neither of Princess Grace's daughters inherited the Yod, there was a dramatic contrast in her relationship with each of them.

Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco, is the heiress presumptive to the Kingdom of Monaco until her brother produces a legitimate heir and a patrilineal descendant of the Dukes of Polignac. Royalty is an anachronism in the modern world, but it is a connection with the historical past. Royals are living history, and thus a subject of interest to many. Princess Caroline has the sang royal from her father, and astrological synchronicity with her mother.

Princess Grace's Moon in Pisces was in the same sign as Caroline's Ascendant; and their Nodes were also in the same sign, although in reverse. Caroline's Scorpio North Node is conjunct her mother's Mars. The Sun in one person's chart conjunct the Moon in another's or vice versa is said to be the sign of two soul mates. There was a deep astrological affinity between these two women. In all likelihood, this was a close and supportive relationship.

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In this case, Jupiter's influence combined with Venus may have led to excess and overindulgence. Both were seriously injured, and Princess Grace died the next day. The circumstances of the accident are unclear, but a look at Princess Grace's transits on the day of the accident confirm that she was in grave danger. The fateful accident that took one Princess's life and scarred the other for life was symptomatic of a possibly toxic relationship.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that mothers and daughters are going to get along, particularly when their horoscopes are not in harmony. Princess Grace and her younger daughter probably did not get along very well. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, arguably the most stubborn and capricious of all the signs of the Zodiac.