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According to the teachings of astrology, your birth chart — that is, a snapshot of the sky at your exact moment of birth — is your celestial fingerprint. Studying the planets sheds invaluable insight into nuanced areas of life: The moon reveals your emotional inner-world , while Venus symbolizes the way you approach courtship.

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There are so many cosmic combinations, how can you possibly keep track of everything? Your sun sign is calculated based on the placement of the sun at your exact moment of birth. This vivid, radiant star is the center of our solar system, and likewise, is the epicenter of our astrological chart.

But with so many planets in the mix, why do we still put so much attention the sun sign? In astrology, each planet has a very specific role: Mercury communicates , Saturn constricts , and Uranus innovates. There is nothing more important than authenticity, so whenever we feel lost or confused, focusing on your sun sign will help you get in touch with your spiritual core.

The sun serves as a celestial flashlight, shining its light on everything. Simply put, within astrology, there is no celestial body more powerful than the sun — it symbolizes life, honesty, and vitality. You know, the most important shit. By using your sun sign to illuminate your essence, you can tap into your highest vibration. Fundamentally, I believe that astrology is a practice in empathy: When we look at the stars and planets in a birth chart, we reveal how incredibly complex we are as individuals.

The sun inspires us to live our best life, and we thrive when we honor our sun. In my newly published book, The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktails Recipes for Every Sign , I pair sun signs with the libations that match their intrinsic spirit pun intended. But whether or not you sip martinis, astrology can help us be ourselves.

Ahead, unlock the secrets of your sun sign. Imagine darkness. Deep, dense, infinite nothing. The emptiness appears endless, but then suddenly, a flame appears, like a beacon of hope. A spark of life. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, lights the match that ignites the entire astrological cycle.

As such, Aries symbolizes courage, determination, and action. For an Aries to live their truest, most authentic life, these impulsive fire signs need to be able to take risks. Aries are daredevils who dive head first into any challenge and quite fittingly, in medical astrology, this sign governs the cranium. Aries should celebrate their flame through bold colors, loud music, spontaneous adventures, and, of course, being number one. After Aries strikes the match, our vision begins to focus. Now, we can clearly see the world around us — we can touch, taste, smell, and listen to the sounds of the newly-illuminated environment.

Under the Taurus sky, the world is a fresh, beautiful place, and everything is in bloom. As the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taureans are thrilled by anything that tantalizes the senses. Taurus is inspired by its surroundings, and in turn, likes to accumulate physical manifestations of their reality.

In order for Taureans to live their truest life, these earth signs need to fill their worlds with things that bring them joy. The sun in Taurus is enchanted by terrestrial magick, and likewise, these celestial bulls should always find new, innovative ways to celebrate their sensory experiences. As we continue to move across the zodiac, we have now learned to qualify — and quantify — our earthly possessions.

While the sun was in Taurus, we discovered the value of material goods; perhaps we've even collected some precious objects of our own. So now, we need to learn how to share. Enter Gemini. Represented by the twins, Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac.

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Gemini energy is curious, sociable, and playful. But in order for Gemini to thrive, it needs to be given information to share. Gemini taught us how to make friends, but after a busy day of schmoozing, we need to return home. Cancer, the first water sign of the zodiac, is associated with the domestic realm, particularly with maternal energy. For Cancers to thrive, these sensitive creatures must build safety and security from the inside out. At the end of the day, Cancers love nothing more than to let loose and have fun.

And in order for Leo to keep the blaze burning, Leo requires an audience. My mentor and muse, Annabel Gat , refers to Leo's flame as a bonfire. Ultimately, Leos want to create warmth, build community, and set the stage for fabulous entertainment. Leo energy is creative, bombastic, and theatrical, and in order for these celestial lions to shine, they need to perform. When the sun glides into Virgo, the radiant star is inspired to systematize its creative pursuits. Virgo is the most analytical sign of the zodiac — it can build dynamic workflows in even the most chaotic environments. At the end of the day, Virgo's goal is simple: They want to help.

Virgos are incredible problem-solvers, and in order for Virgo to access its most authentic self, it needs to be able to collect data, process information, and improve situations. While these earth signs deeply enjoy acts of service, they also want their hard work to be acknowledged. Libra is a very important sign in astrology: It marks the halfway point of the zodiac.

Likewise, Libra's role is to acknowledge, address, and explore alternative perspectives. Libras symbolized by the scales of judgment are always weighing options. Libras are natural diplomats, and in order for the sun in this sign to thrive, it needs equilibrium. Libras are aesthetes — they are obsessed with symmetry and balance, and beauty and design are extremely important to these air signs.

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Astrology is bullshit

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The Works of Maddox

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Pin by Samantha Maddox on Quotes I Love | Cancer zodiac facts, Cancer sign, Zodiac facts

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