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  1. Your Daily Horoscope for Monday, September 9:
  2. What Virgo Zodiac Signs Should & Shouldn’t Do During Mercury Retrograde Summer 12222
  3. Virgo Weekly Horoscope by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle
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Mars is competitive and Saturn is a perfectionist.

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Think of birthday star Adam Sandler, whose humor always seems to be an inch away from volatility. To avoid combustion, try lowering the stakes by focusing on small projects with easy wins.

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  7. Saturn makes it okay to try something that requires a bit of precision, like drawing or needlepoint. It also smiles on tasks with a nourishing payoff, like cooking up a healthy new recipe. If all else fails, work off some of that warrior energy in a vigorous class like power yoga or spin.

    Your Daily Horoscope for Monday, September 9:

    Set aside your analytical nature and tap into the Law of Attraction. This day is perfect for that, Virgo, as energizer Mars in your sign forms a potent and supportive angle with concrete Saturn in your fifth house of creativity, romance and fame. Anything is possible It's important to find ways to stay grounded and avoid paranoid thinking or being tricked or manipulated.

    If you believe that we create our own reality, this is an important time to focus on the positive and be clear about your boundaries. There's a full moon in Sagittarius on June 17, shifting your focus to your home and family life.

    What Virgo Zodiac Signs Should & Shouldn’t Do During Mercury Retrograde Summer 12222

    This busy full moon asks you to find a balance between your life in public and private. Full moons are emotional periods, and this one finds you especially sensitive about the past. Don't ignore these feelings—examine them and bring them to the surface so you can process and release them! As a Virgo, you're in pursuit of self knowledge, so don't avoid the opportunity to examine the history of you and your family. Ask for help from a trusted friend or counselor if it's hard for you to process these things on your own.

    This is a lovely time to energetically cleanse your space.

    Virgo Weekly Horoscope by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle

    Saturn connects with Neptune and Mercury meets Mars on June 18, creating a proactive and supportive energy in your relationships—but watch out for power struggles as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on June People have short tempers at this time, so be careful of drama in your social life and in your love life, too. Tension that's been brewing beneath the surface comes to a head; passive aggressive behavior isn't so passive anymore! Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow period on June 20, so take note of conversations that come up between then and the start of the messenger planet's retrograde on July 7; these topics will come up for review during the retrograde, which lasts until July Neptune retrograde arrives on June 21, the same day Cancer season begins.

    Neptune retrograde finds you pausing in your relationships, and you're feeling a big boost of empathy and nostalgia, and perhaps some unease as you wonder how others feel. People are hard to read at this time, but Cancer season is a great time to network as you'll be meeting plenty of people to hang out with!

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    Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24, which brings a whirlwind of feel good vibes—just don't forget about your responsibilities! A big boost of passion is in the air, and people just want to feel good, but do your best not to overindulge. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo on June 26, boosting your intuition and finding you discussing secrets and other hidden things.

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    Exciting travels and opportunities come your way as the sun connects with Uranus on June Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in July! Astro Guide.